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This template is used to dynamically reveal another web page within a wiki page. It is wrapped in a collapsible frame so that the retrieved page can be hidden or revealed through a [show]/[hide] frame on the wiki page.

See Widget:Iframe for information on the wiki extension enabling this feature.



Required parameters:

  1. headline - the line of wiki text, for example, a link to remote content or just a header
  2. URI - the web page to be retrieved.

Optional, named parameter:

  1. collapsed -- may have one of 2 possible values:
    • collapsed -- (the default) -- hides the content and produces a [show] link after the headline
    •               -- (nothing) entered as |collapsed=| -- the content will show below the header, which will have a [hide] link next to it.

Optional, positional parameters:

  1. width - frame width in pixels
  2. height - frame height
  3. border - number - representing
    • 0 - no border
    • 1 - indented border


Using an aliased link as the headline:

{{Iframe|[http://activities.sugarlabs.org Sugar Activity Library]|http://activities.sugarlabs.org