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This template will flag the page or page section and add the page to the Category:Articles to be merged.


  • You tag the article that needs to be merged into/with the Article_1 as follows:
    {{Merge | Article_1}} (no square brackets).
  • Optionally, the Discuss link may be directed to a page/section title as follows:
    {{Merge|Article_1|discuss=Page#Section title}}

For consistency throughout this wiki please

  • Add a reason on the article's discussion page.
  • Remember that capitalization matters, i.e.,
    • Merge not merge, and
    • Article_1 not article_1
  • Place the template at the top of the page or section.
    It probably serves to alert the reader sooner of alternate pages when it is at the top.

Usage example:

Any Headline text

some text ...

Merge this section only? {{Merge | Article_1}}

More Headline text

some text ...

Last Headline text section

Merge this page? {{Merge | Article_1}}