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Duplicating a RPi SD Card

  • This makes an exact copy of a working SD Card

Equipment used

  • RPi and SD Card
Raspberry Pi "B" 512 memory
8GB class 10 Sandisk Ultra SD with XFCE and Sugar-Desktop installed (see link)
  • Laptop
"System 76" Gazelle Professional laptop
Intel® Core™ i7-3630QM CPU @ 2.40GHz × 8
Ubuntu 12.10 running gnome classic

Remove Working SD Card from a shutdown RPi and insert it in Laptop SD Slot

  • Start "Disks" gnome-disks
Unmount SD (both partitions)
Select "Create Disk Image"

Create Disk Image.png

Saved File is Rpi_8GB.img 7.9 GB
Name is optional; name it as you wish: xxxxx.img
  • Unmount SD Card in Disks

Compress Rpi_8GB.img (Optional)

NOTE this is an optional step
Do it if you want to share Rpi_8GB.img with others or archive it as a backup.
  • right click "Compress select Rpi_8GB.img

rpfr-f18-rc1-a-sd.img.zip 2.3 GB

Uploading now; available later today:--Satellit 14:12, 18 March 2013 (EDT)
  • Prebuilt 8 GB SD Card img file with sugar-emulator 0.98.x and xfce
This file can be Downloaded Here: http://people.sugarlabs.org/Tgillard/rpfr-f18-rc1-a-sd.img.zip
user=sugar password=sugaruser
  • Note do not use the rpfr-f18-rc1-a-sd.img with dd; it will fail to boot.

Extract rpfr-f18-rc1-a-sd.img.zip

  • right click on compressed file "archive Manager" Extract

Insert 2nd SD Card in Laptop SD Slot

8GB class 10 Sandisk Ultra SD
16GB class 10 Lexar Platinum II SD
used in these examples
  • Start "Disks" gnome-disks
select "Restore disk image"
Select rpfr-f18-rc1-a-sd.img.zip and restore it.
  • Eject SD Card in "Disks"
  • Note do not use the rpfr-f18-rc1-a-sd.img with dd it will fail to work.

Insert the duplicated SD in the Rpi

Plug in RPi power supply cord and it will boot on copied SD Card.


  • rpfr-f18-rc1-a-sd.img file created with disk utility from working 8 GB SD card
and then restored with disk utility to a 16 GB SD Card and booted on RPi 512 "b"

Optional:Expand the ext4 partition with gparted

  • original partitions on restored 8 GB rpfr-f18-rc1-a-sd.img file
mmcblk0p2 partition is ext4


  • expanded mmcblk0p2 partition on 16 GB SD card with gparted "resize"
Command is not available in "disks"