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Duplicating a RPi SD Card

  • This makes an exact copy of a working SD Card

Equipment used

  • RPi and SD Card
Raspberry Pi "B" 512 memory
8GB class 10 Sandisk Ultra SD with XFCE and Sugar-Desktop installed (see link)
  • Laptop
"System 76" Gazelle Professional laptop
Intel® Core™ i7-3630QM CPU @ 2.40GHz × 8
Ubuntu 12.10 running gnome classic

Remove Working SD Card from a shutdown RPi and insert it in Laptop SD Slot

  • Start "Disks" gnome-disks
Unmount SD (both partitions)
Select "Make Disk Image
Saved File is Rpi_8GB.img 7.9 GB
Name is optional; name it as you wish: xxxxx.img
  • Unmount SD Card in Disks

Compress Rpi_8GB.img (Optional)

NOTE this is an optional step
Do it if you want to share Rpi_8GB.img with others or archive it as a backup.
  • right click "Compress select Rpi_8GB.img
Rpi_8GB.img.tar.xz 1.7 GB

Extract Rpi_8GB.img.tar.xz (Optional)

  • right click on compressed file "archive Manager" Extract

Insert 2nd SD Card

8GB class 10 Sandisk Ultra SD
  • Start "Disks" gnome-disks
select "Restore disk image"
Select Rpi_8GB.img and restore it.
  • Eject SD Card in "Disks"
remove SD card from laptop
  • Insert in Rpi
Plug in RPi power supply cord and it will boot on copied SD Card.