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Hints for learning Smalltalk when discovery learning has failed to give the answer.

Program tiles

You can find a menu of program tiles in every object browser, which you can get in any object halo by clicking on the eye icon.

Make tile

Drag any tile with an exclamation point icon in it to the workspace. A script window will open with that tile in it. Then you can drag other tiles into the same window. When you do so, a green area will highlight, showing where the new tile will go when you drop it. To drag a variable tile into a script window, click its left-pointing arrow. To drag it to the desktop, click anywhere else on it.


Typically you make objects in projects by drawing how you want them to appear, making the drawing a single object, then opening a code browser and creating scripts to tell it what to do.


There are multimedia objects on the tools palette for making projects.

Other Hints

Hint: to share an Object or the desktop in e-toys

Drag over a buddy it should highlight

Big hint: balloon help

It appears if you leave your mouse over a tool on a toolbar or in an object halo, or many other objects.

External Links

  • K-5 Technology Passport: Curriculum Applications of Etoys in Mathematics, Science, Art, Language Arts, and Social Science
  • Stef's Free Online Smalltalk Books, where Stephane Ducasse obtained permission from authors to upload their books for free distribution. Some are under Creative Commons licenses, and some are apparently freeware.