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updated Apr, 6 2013

Based on these Instructions

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If sweets-distribution is not yet installed, download the sweets-distribution.sh install script and run it from the root user, e.g., type the following commands in a terminal:

wget ftp://download.sugarlabs.org/packages/sweets-distribution.sh
sudo sh sweets-distribution.sh


  • To get the status information about currently selected and all available repositories:
sweets-distribution status


  • To add chosen, here 0.94, repository in the system
sudo sweets-distribution select 0.94


  • In the regular way for your operating system (such as with apt-get install or yum install), from a local system terminal, console, or via SSH:
apt-get install sweets-desktop
  • sweets-desktop
    The full set of packages from Sweets Desktop.


  • To run Sugar in a window without logging out from the current desktop environment
  1. select the Education/Sugar application menu item or
  2. enter the following command in a terminal:


  • sweets-emulator running in a window


Tutorial:Introduction to the Sugar-Desktop

  • Introduction to the Sugar-Desktop and how to use it

For Full Screen Sweets-sugar

  1. edit the command of sweets-emulator to sweets-emulator -f
  2. call it from terminal:sweets-emulator -f
  3. Logout click on blue Tuquito emblem in gdm and choose Sweets Desktop:
 Gnome-Classic (No effects)
>Sweets Desktop
  • To return; logout from Sugar XO dropdown menu and choose desired Desktop Environment

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