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How to use IRC

  • boot Sugar
You must be connected to the internet for IRC to connect
The Home (or f3) Screen appears

Screenshot of Home f3 spiral.png

Start IRC application

  • click on the top bar icon with horizontal lines "list view'
find the IRC application
  • click on it

Screenshot of list view pointer on IRC.png

  • IRC starts
wait while it connects (5-10 sec)
You are connected when there are 2 tabs on the bottom:

How to join another IRC channel

  • Here is an example of how to join a new IRC channel:
enter: /join #trisquel in the left bottom grey bar
  • hit return

Screenshot of IRC Join cmd2.png

a third tab appears labeled "trisquel"
  • Anything you type in the left bottom grey bar will be transmitted; when you hit <return>
This is where you can talk to others on the IRC Channel
Conversations are displayed in the large area above.
Connected Users names are displayed in the right vertical panel.

Screenshot of IRC Activity with trisquel.png

  • You can switch channels by clicking on a tab
Hover over a tab and hold down the right mouse button:
A pop up box appears with (X Close)
  • Click on it
This closes the channel

Shut down IRC

  • click on the white octagon icon with a black square in it, in the right top bar
"Stop Ctrl+Q" appears in drop down menu
  • Click on it
  • You return to the f3 screen