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VirtualBox.png Install SoaS in VirtualBox

Testing Dextrose in VirtualBox

VirtualBox.png How to Import a VirtualBox Appliance

  • with links to Virtual Appliances to download.

VirtualBox.png Cómo importar un aparato de VirtualBox

Install from a booted Live CD/USB with liveinst

  • The Fedora-16-Live-SoaS.iso file is a 443 MB download.
  • Installs to a 4 GB USB stick or VirtualBox 4 GB hard drive. (The procedure is adaptable for installation to a regular hard drive.)

Instalar desde una calzada Live CD/USB con liveinst

  • El archivo Fedora-16-en vivo-SoaS.iso es una descarga de 443 MB.
Anotado de fotografías en pantalla de una instalación
  • Se instala a 4 GB de memoria USB o VirtualBox 4 GB de disco duro. (El procedimiento es adaptable para la instalación de un disco duro normal.)

Installing and using liveusb-creator in Sugar

  • Make a bootable, persistent, Live USB device from a Fedora .iso file

Netinstall of Fedora with the Sugar Desktop Environment

  • Note: Requires a high speed Internet connection!
  • Install to a hard disk or USB device.

Apple.gif Burning a CD from an .iso file on a Mac