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VirtualBox.png Install SoaS in VirtualBox

Old Anaconda up to Fedora 17


Install SoaS in VMware Player

Old Anaconda up to Fedora 17


VirtualBox.png Install using Fedora 18 Beta Anaconda

newUI anaconda-NEW Version of the installer

Testing Dextrose in VirtualBox

VirtualBox.png How to Import a VirtualBox Appliance

  • with links to Virtual Appliances to download.

VirtualBox.png Cómo importar un aparato de VirtualBox

Install from a booted Live CD/USB with liveinst

  • The Fedora-16-Live-SoaS.iso file is a 443 MB download.
  • Installs to a 4 GB USB stick or VirtualBox 4 GB hard drive. (The procedure is adaptable for installation to a regular hard drive.)

Instalar desde una calzada Live CD/USB con liveinst

  • El archivo Fedora-16-en vivo-SoaS.iso es una descarga de 443 MB.
Anotado de fotografías en pantalla de una instalación
  • Se instala a 4 GB de memoria USB o VirtualBox 4 GB de disco duro. (El procedimiento es adaptable para la instalación de un disco duro normal.)

Installing and using liveusb-creator in Sugar

  • Make a bootable, persistent, Live USB device from a Fedora .iso file

Netinstall of Fedora with the Sugar Desktop Environment

  • Note: Requires a high speed Internet connection!
  • Install to a hard disk or USB device.

Apple.gif Burning a CD from an .iso file on a Mac