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Fedora-16-Live-SoaS liveinst

  • The Fedora Sugar on a Stick Spin can be installed from a booted SoaS Live CD/USB.

Download links:

i386: Fedora-16-i686-Live-SoaS
x86-64: Fedora-16-x86_64-Live-SoaS
  • This tutorial is set up for a 4 GB USB stick or VirtualBox 4 GB hard disk install.
See custom layout screens below. It may be adapted for a regular hard disk.

Name Screen

  • First Screen that appears when boot is done.
The Name and colors screens set the individual SSH ID for the user and only run once.
(Enter Name you want to use.)



  • Chose colors for your Sugar learner avitarLearner.svg
Click on the avitar to change colors - repeat to change again.
Click (done) when you are happy with it.


Home view

  • Sugar starts at the Home view (F3).
Terminal application is selected.


  • Click on [#_] Become root

5-Screenshot-f16-sugar-liveinst-become root.png


  • Enter the command liveinst, which starts the Anaconda installer.


  • Language


Type of install

  • Choose basic storage devices.
  • Click [Next].

8-Screenshot-f16-sugar-liveinst-Basic Storage Devices.png

  • Hostname selection


  • Time zone selection



  • Enter it twice.


Custom Layout


12-Screenshot-f16-sugar-liveinst-custom layout.png

  • Select edit /sda, or the disk where you want to install Sugar.

13-Screenshot-f16-sugar-liveinst-Create partition.png

  • Create type: BIOS Boot, size: 2 MB
type: /ext4, size: 2500 MB (or space available)
type: swap, size: 500 MB for hard disk installation. (Swap is not recommended for USB flash drives.)
Fedora-16 (and later) requires a BIOS boot partition.
  • Click [OK].
  • [Next]


Copying to hard drive

16-Screenshot-f16-sugar-liveinst -Copying live image to hard drive.png


  • Finished
  • [Reboot]

Screenshot-f16-sugar-liveinst -Congratulations.png

  • Shut down the computer.
  • Reboot from the USB device or hard drive.
  • On reboot, you will enter "firstboot" to register yourself and your Sugar Learner colors.
This is similar to the name and color screens when the Live CD/USB first booted.

f17 Install to HD with liveinst

  • liveinst is broken on this live CD
Updating anaconda fixes the problem --Satellit 12:28, 25 January 2012 (EST)

Link:Fedora-17-Nightly-20120120.10-i686-Live-soas Testing:Testing Results

  • Update Anaconda
yum install Anaconda
  • Updates anaconda to i686 0:17.2-1.fc17
  • Now it installs to USB HD
(Later builds do not see USB's)
  • Firstboot
  • Logs into Sugar via GDM