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* Richard Smith
* Richard Smith
* Sameer Verma
* Sameer Verma
* [[User:Sascha_silbe|Sascha Silbe]]
* Simon Schampijer
* Simon Schampijer
* SJ Klein
* SJ Klein

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This page is for planning the summit in Uruguay May 5th to 7th 2011. All subject to modifications.

Main goals

  • Focus on developers. It does not mean at all we're not concerned about educational aspects, but as a developers community we have huge challenges and the summit will be more of a working instance than a "reflection" instance.
  • Exceed OLPC and Sugar. The developers community goes beyond OLPC and Sugar, and this could be a good instance for bringing "non-olpc organizations" to the conversation.
  • Focus on South America. Bring as many south american developers as possible to Uruguay.

Pre-Summit "Conozco Uruguay" Exploratory Tour

We're organizing a set of in-person activities for those who want to know more about the Uruguayan/Ceibal experience, visiting different points of the country, meeting with families, teachers, etc.

This will happen during the 5-6 days prior to the summit (from Saturday April 30th to Thursday May 5th) for independent and resilient travelers, committed to "anthropological" learning through patient exploration -- details are emerging here!


  • Martín Abente
  • Walter Bender
  • Gabriel Eirea
  • David Farning
  • Pablo Flores
  • Adam Holt
  • Bernie Innocenti
  • Anish Mangal
  • Gonzalo Odiard
  • Andrés Ambrois

Possible Attendees

  • Aaron Borden
  • Caryl Bigenho
  • Cecilia Alcala
  • Chris Ball
  • Christoph Derndorfer
  • CScott Ananian
  • Daniel Drake
  • Ed Bigenho
  • Fernando Sansberro
  • Harriet Vidyasagar
  • Nick Doiron
  • Richard Smith
  • Sameer Verma
  • Sascha Silbe
  • Simon Schampijer
  • SJ Klein


We'll put here some information about possible places for staying. At the same time we'll make a volunteers hosting program, so Uruguayan volunteers can host some of the attendees. More information soon.


Touristic information: http://www.turismo.gub.uy/ Direct flights to Montevideo (Carrasco Airport) from:

  • US: Miami
  • Europe: Madrid
  • Most of South America
  • Nearby hubs: Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Santiago

There are also nice ferries from Buenos Aires: http://buquebus.com