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Pencil.png NOTICE:  This page is a draft in active flux...
Please contribute to these contents and discuss issues on the discussion page.

Please, me+program (but might be otherwise)


Three major thoughts, I'm personally, have in mind.

  1. Sugar is a community [and not a product] around ideas
    (but might be a product, see below)
    Community which is united around ideas of cognitive and social constructivism in [self]education. In my mind, the highest result point of this process is a Воспитание (do not mess this word with english words like "education", "training", "breading" etc).
  2. Process does matter
    Once Воспитание is a primal target, process[of doing something] is a major instrument to achieve this target. In other words, process of developping Sugar should not look like creating a product (by developpers) to let other people (users) use it. Instead, Sugar consists of doers, all doers teach each over (and themselves) all time while creating something sustainable, starting from a hacker who codes sugar core and ending by a kid who creates his first Turtle Art project.
  3. Cement the floor, remove the ceiling
    Once Воспитание is a primal target and the process is a major instrument within great variety of doers, organisation is critically important. As education can't happen using only one particular instrument, such, Sugar should not impose using particular vertical structures (i.e., software applications). Instead, Sugar should provide a set of basic, low-level and horizontal instruments. As addition, Sugar provides a set of ready-to-use, vertical structures but with detailed instruction how to disassemble them and how to create new creatures using the same components.