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This page lists known Sugar activities which are in development or have started development.
See status legend at the bottom of this page.

NOTE: if you know that project is orphaned/unmaintained, please mark it by orphaned/unmaintained tags
      if you are (co)maintainer/contributor, please add youself to contacts column(link to user page is preferable)


Other activity lists which need to be merged into this page:

URL Description Contacts Status Notes

3dpong 3D pong game Wade Brainerd Dead Renamed to bounce, see below.

MIDI-file-player performs MIDI files Greg Thompson

assimilate A flashcards based activity Urko Fernandez

Analyze Analyze is an Activity that displays your XO's networking, Eduardo Silva

Ruler Screen-based measuring device. Mitchell Charity No source tarball; Hardware specific in that the scale of the ruler is hardcoded to the XO resolution and screen size.

Scratch Visual programming environment. State unknown. No source tarball; Hardware specific in that the scale of the ruler is hardcoded to the XO resolution and screen size.


Turtle Art issues

When we fold in Turtle Art with Sensors, we'll have to make sure that proper python math packages are loaded (previously, we were using numeric):

from numpy.oldnumeric import *
from numpy.fft import *
Turtle Art with Sensors has been folded into Turtle Art as per Version 25. However, the pitch sensor doesn't work because there is no real_fft in numpy.fft. --Walter 20:29, 30 January 2009 (UTC)

Block Party

Was this activity superceded or just overlooked? Tony


  • Migrated The activity Git repository has moved to
  • works The activity was tested and is known to work.
  • polished This activity is in good shape, that is to say it is in active use or should be.
  • unfinished This activity has been started but is not quite ready to be seen by users.
  • dead The activity is not likely to reach a usable state and we are ignoring it.
  • cool Someone thinks this activity has good potential and would be worth checking out by the Activity Team.
  • deprecated Activity should be replaced by a different one.
  • xoonly activity works only on XO due to software/hardware preferences (XO screen resolution, etc.)
  • unpackage various packaging related issues
  • orphaned author is not interested in project, feel free to take it in your hands
  • unmaintained there is lack of human resources to maintain, feel free to be a co-maintainer
  • Add more tags here.