I am a 4th year Information Technology student (previously Software Engineering). My areas of concentration are database and web design. Outside computing, I am interested in music composition/performance and linguistics/languages.

Development Interests

  • Rich Internet Applications
  • Business Intelligence
  • Usability
  • Natural Language Processing


C#, ASP.NET, Java, Adobe Flex, SQL, HTML/CSS/Javascript

4th Grade Math Tasks

4.P.2 Use symbol and letter variables (e.g. v, x) to represent unknowns or quantities that vary in expressions and in equations or inequalities (mathematical sentences that use =, <, >).
4.P.3 Determine values of variables in simple equations, e.g., 4106 – x = 37, 5 = y + 3, and s – y = 3.
4.P.6 Determine how change in one variable relates to a change in a second variable, e.g., input-output tables.


Flash Cards / Assimilate

Contact Info

email brendan DOT j DOT reen AT gmail DOT com
irc.freenode.net breen