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Caroline Meeks


Lead for Gardener Pilot Academy (GPA) Pilot and Sugar on a Stick project.

Contributions include:

Obtained a grant from the Gould Family Foundation for the GPA project Active with the Sugar on a Stick Team Active contributor to the Marketing Team I attend teacher gatherings and represent Sugar including giving it good visibility at the Harvard Graduate School for Education where I am a current Master's student Coordinate the recruiting of volunteers with Volunteer Match for both local and Sugar Labs wide volunteers. Worked with the technical staff at my company Solution Grove on the XS and Sugar on a Stick backup.

My interests include

Teacher training and encouraging teacher contributions to the Sugar community Creating teacher friendly curriculum, this includes projects such as getting the TeacherMate Using Sugar to create school-family-afterschool partnerships Increasing access to and time for computing for learning, that is not just having access during school hours Integration of Moodle and Sugar Sugar in the Philippines (some of the Solution Grove engineers are located in the Philippines) SUGAR EVERYWHERE!