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Hey there! Brendan Luchen* here, from the Winter '09 Seminar in OLPC Development here at RIT. I love coding, and I love kids. I've worked primarily in C and C++ with SDL, but I've also tinkered with Java, C#/XNA, Perl, OpenGL, and other tidbits. In short, I'll try anything if there's a reason to.

I was one of those kids who couldn't stand sitting through a perfectly intuitive mathematical idea explained for the fifth time in painful detail. My school days were not fun. I spent most of my time either sleeping or otherwise keeping myself occupied, and it was in 7th grade that I happily stumbled upon ancient BASIC tutorials in the back of my math text. As soon as I got my hands on a C compiler, I was hooked. FIRST robotics strengthened my interest in computer science, and I haven't looked back since :)


Email: my username at

AIM: HeWhoLikethCheez

IRC: Cheezmeister

   * It rhymes with "smoochin' "