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Pootle Coordinator

These volunteers support the efforts of the Translation Team by handling a variety of administrative tasks on the Pootle server infrastructure that require elevated privileges on the Pootle instance and hosting server.

  • Adding a language
  • Setting language parameters
  • Adding the first language administrator(s)
  • Adding a new software project
  • Performing language administrator functions as needed
  • Addresses Trac tickets with component = localization

Suggested qualifications:

Language Administrator

see Administration_QuickStart

Suggested qualifications:

Localizer / Translator

Suggested qualifications:

  • Bi-lingual language skills. It is not necesary that one of those languages be English. It is possible ot convert the user interface strings of Pootle to a language other than English. Using parts of the Translate Toolkit (poswap) and off-line translation tools like Virtaal, it is possible to swap out the msgid strings to a language other than English for translation (assuming the other language is largely completely translated) and then change the msgid strings back to English for submission to Pootle. For instance, poswapping msgid strings to Spanish and then translating from Spanish to Aymara.

Activity Developer

Activity developers have an important role to play in preparing the software to be localized (internationalization or i18n).

Suggested qualifications:

  • some familiarity with GNU gettext.
  • some familiarity with the Sugar Labs git repository.
  • some awareness of how Pootle interacts with the git repository.
For instance:
  • The git tree needs to be set up in a standard form so that Pootle can easily be configured to commit PO files.
  • Translation_Team/i18n_Best_Practices#Do_not_touch_anything_inside_your_po_directory means the developer should not directly push PO files to the /po directory in the git repository as it can cause errors to be generated by Pootle. Developers submitting localization of their own Activities should still work through the Pootle interface to submit string localizations of PO files.
  • As stated below, developers will need make user:pootle a committer on their Activity's git repository.

User:Pootle (in Sugar Labs git software repository)

This is a special purpose user identity in git that acts as the committer of PO file changes to the software repository when a language administrator commits PO files from the Pootle server. Activity developers need to add user:pootle as a committer to their project in git so that translated PO files can be committed by language admins.

Pootle privilege levels