I am a teacher that believes most schools are teaching 19th century skills in a 21st century world.Sugar, and similar projects can help reverse that sorry state of affairs.

scope and info

I want to reproduce something like I did here.


Ck out the project here: http://www.sugarlabs.org/ Sugar project has great promise in helping build schools where students are evaluated on performance rather than testing. http://www.sugarlabs.org/ irc://irc.freenode.net#sugar

ongoing issues


  • sometimes after installing a new .xo users will not see it in the 'ring'
    • fix is to restart Sugar... :(
  • users are not notified of new .xo versions
  • no easy way to report a bug as anonymous
    • In fact, it takes 16 clicks(knowing what you are doing!) to post a bug to the tracker
  • arrow keys and delete key in emulator do not work in (many,Write) activity
  • NO OBVIOUS save/commit button or hot key (UI makes no change to indicate save has happened)
  • no mouse control or button to activate frames or home view (ctrl +shift doesn't allow for use of Sugar hot keys)
  • ctrl + shift in emulator is a real pain
  • -no indication in the UI that a save has taken place
  • -copy and paste out of the emulator does not work
  • -can't name chats


  • -no indication in the UI to let me know if someone is sharing/editing with me (?)
    • I want to find a way to 'play' with others in the neighborhood
  • -announcements to neighborhood to indicate 'let's play/work together'
  • -control over edits to shared docs?
  • my shared documents are not 'connected to me' in the neighborhood view


  • That every open source developer make more screencasts
  • Something like http://www.clubpenguin.com/ for sharing learning activities where kids could play each other's games, interact, code... :)
  • list of public or portal jabber sites that are using Sugar for collaboration among schools...



  • new icons don't say much about their functionality


  • re name to 'map my ideas'?
  • linking is awkward
  • save save as image? how?where?



  • Pippy doesn't load examples


  • No easy way to edit robot text or speech

Turtle ARt

where does HTML from TA get saved? v67 no joy

supposed to be in the journal but it doesn't appear to work
need to figure out templates(?)


  • Doesn't work very well in emulator mode

don't work at all

  • scratch
  • cartoonbuilder
  • help activity


sugar linux olpc education screencast collaboration ubuntu jhbuild speak pippy neighborhood open_source computer computing learning programming python squeak logs python mindmap drawing teaching free sharing networking recordmydesktop think learn read explore guided_instruction



  • p8 is short for private chat



One tester's attempt at installing SoaS

testing machines

  • Compaq TC4400
  • 4 gigs Ram
    • dual boot XP and edubuntu 9.04
      • unnecessary after 17aug jhbuild DISPLAY=:0 ./sugar-jhbuild run


One tester's jhbuild experience 23Aug9 ./sugar-jhbuild update ; ./sugar-jhbuild depscheck ;./sugar-jhbuild build ; ./sugar-jhbuild run

dgd> this worked right out of the box: ./sugar-jhbuild update ; ./sugar-jhbuild depscheck ;./sugar-jhbuild run <silbe> dgd: great!

<dgd> silbe, yes! very good news!

<silbe> dgd: i still wonder why the DISPLAY=:0 changed anything for you

<silbe> dgd: but it's more important that it works now - reproducible, i hope :)

<dgd> silbe is this a better command ./sugar-jhbuild update ; ./sugar-jhbuild depscheck ;./sugar-jhbuild build ; ./sugar-jhbuild run

<silbe> dgd: i wouldn't recommend updating before every run

<dgd> silbe, may I ask why?

<dgd> and does the build command help/hurt?

<silbe> dgd: and if you chain depscheck in there, you can't read it's output (it won't do anything by itself, it just tells you to install packages)

<dgd> not before every run of course! I understand that... but once a day if I want the latest/greatest/most broken ;)

<silbe> dgd: it's hard to reproduce bugs if you update in the middle of your session :)


Goal: Test Sugar on a stick. Get screencasts working so that I can begin to document Sugar for proof that it'll work (for me). Ultimately want to be installing Sugar or something like it in schools and NPOs.

part I This is after messing with the BIOS for a few minutes. Unfortunately, most teachers wouldn't know how to do this. A WUBI like dual boot option at the beginning of startup might be a better option for the Aunt Tillies of the world.

part II This is where I figure out that F1 is the network view key. Thanks to the friendly people at the IRC!

part III F1 to see network view.

part IV This is probably where everything starts to go wrong with the install. Habit of downloading updates I believe is what broke Sugar on a Stick. I was trying to get RecordMyDesktop to work... which I did... but there doesn't appear to be any way to play .flv or .ogv or .swf in the default install package of Sugar on a stick. Not acceptable IMHO for a piece of software that's supposed to work in a school.

part V Sugar on a stick has seized. You can see what happens when stuff almost stops working entirely. Browser, IRC, writer are all dead. Far right hand corner to try and shutdown... no joy there.

part VI Trying to copy error messages from the terminal. No joy. The activities have seized.

Trying to get edubuntu with sugar sweetener

Bitter sweet and no joy with 9.04

and no joy sugar-emulator--200


Evaluating Sugar for rollout on thin and fat clients in local schools.

Here is a link to the videos with the bugs I've encountered while trying to get Sugaronastick to work on my HP/Compaq TC4400


pages I watch

16Sep9 Presentation of Sugar to Gnocode in New Orleans

Sugar Perspective

Make error on hulahop

Using Moodle as an Activity Host

Reporting a bug activity diagram with suggested solution


How to make screencasts on Sugar

How to play video on Sugar

How to shut down Sugar

How to add other applications as Activities i.e. Firefox, VLC, RecordMyDesktop, Ktype, etc.

How to close unresponsive activities

How to wipe away Sugar

What is a COW?