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I am a new contributor to Sugar Labs.
I am a new contributor to Sugar Labs.
===In progress===
* Community Building
*Create activitycentral.com .
* Fix or remove link "About Sugar Labs" in the bottom CC/MediaWiki bar
* Start the BugSquad
*  Write api documentation tutorial
* Work on Wiki infrastructure
* Clean up wiki translation infrastructure
:#ifexist broken in current implementation ([[User:Dfarning|dfarning]] 18:08, 2 July 2008 (UTC))
*Establish relationship with educational spins
**Fedora edu 
*Outreach to educational communities.
*Outreach to embedded communities.
*Create activities.sugarlabs.org based  on addons.mozilla.org.
**Initial a.m.o patchset is pending review by Mozilla

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David Farning

I am a new contributor to Sugar Labs.

In progress

  • Create activitycentral.com .