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Work in progress page to write down some code snippets that I'm finding in the meanwhile.

Touch and hold

I think we should use event.touch.sequence and look for the GDK_TOUCH_BEGIN and take its time. After that, compare this time with the actual one comming from event.touch.time and show the palette if it is bigger than 1000 milliseconds for example.

The problem that I'm having is that event.touch.sequence doesn't tell me about the sequence itself. So, I don't know what was the GDK_TOUCH_BEGIN.

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(20:46:07) Company: humitos3: you can compare them
(20:46:24) Company: sequence1 == sequence2
(20:46:36) Company: at least it works in C, but i sure hope it does in python, too
(20:54:08) Flyser__: humitos3: sounds like incomplete bindings. you might want to ask in #python or #introspection