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Is this a bug or is it me?

I have seen this behaviour several times in Debian, I now have it reproduceable in two instances. Previous instances have been fixed or ameliorated by adding further packages in a haphazard way till the problem is eliminated.

These two instances have in common that Debian installer has not been used.

Similar behaviour (different cause - GTK3) is described with a fix here: Community/Distributions/Debian#GTK3_in_Debian_Testing

As this seems to me to be a hurdle to Debian users, I am asking for help in resolving:

Definition of Bug / problem

One variant of Sugar launches with errors, while trying another variant in the same environment results in invisible icons,

Is this a symptom of either, partially installed, or partially accessible libraries. If so which libraries and why?

Instance 1.

The login manager is SLiM and desktop environment Openbox. A fresh install of Debian Squeeze with Sugar installed from Debian repos, via Synaptic, sugar-0.88, sugar-session-0.88, and sucrose-0.88

Aptitude reports no problems.

This, from Sugar environment:

About my computer:
Build: Debian 6.0.5
Sugar: 0.88.1

95% working, sugar-emulator:

Views: F1 to F4 work, no F5 + F6.

To display frame requires impossibly accurate positioning of cursor in corner, or Frame, Activation-Delay, Edge-to-instantaneous in settings. All tested Activities have worked except Turtle Art, Etoys and Write.

This is a fresh install - I am (fairly) confident all Activities could be got working eventually - this is not the issue.

Less working, sugar-session:

No F1, F2, F4.

F3 view is available.

F3 top bar: No icons, but text-in-box replaces expected icons, indicates Favorite and List Views; will switch views.

A screen shot cannot be taken.Pressing Alt changes the screen (in a manner similar to "reverse selection")

Cursor and central avatar are invisible. The photo shows an invisible cursor hovering on invisible central avatar revealing working, non-sugarised buttons.

Debian screenshot.jpeg

Many other text-on-hover are visible, non-sugarised.

Mostly, any-one-activity will start. A non-Sugar cursor is now present.

Many text-box-to-replace-icons are invisible or show black-on-very-dark-grey. Several Activities tested, within limitations of above, the Activity starts to function. "Activity title" may not be edited. Clicking on stop icon causes sugar-session to hang. Cannot restore session, but in console killall python, closes the session without further error.

Things I checked:

~$ python -V => Python 2.6.6

librsvg2-2 is already the newest version.

python-gobject is already the newest version.

lxappearance is already the newest version.

Three above report: set to manually installed.

Instance 2.

There is no login manager (startx) desktop is LXDE. A new install of sweets on a Raspberry pi

OS: a Debian clone, rpi_pisces Hard Float (armhf), testing, image from

Aptitude reports no problems.

This, from Sugar environment:

About my computer:
Build: Debian GNU/Linux testing/unstable
Sugar: 0.94.1

Reference known bugs from Platform_Team/Guide/Sugar_via_Sweets#Debian

1. 23644010 "Fixed"

I am using python 2.7 - said to be "Fixed in version hippo-canvas/0.3.1-1.1"

2. "Polkit authentication doesn't work with xdm display manager, use gdm3, at least, instead."

I have no display manager so I installed Package: gir1.2-polkit-1.0

~$: sudo apt-get install gir1.2-polkit-1.0

and this eliminated many errors looking like:

-- PackageKit install failed: Failed to obtain authentication. (not-authorized)    

However I do not yet know if this is an adequate solution for Polkit authentication.

70% successful launch command:

~$: sweets  sdk/sugar:emulator

I have a 70% working result, but without good two-way communication with source.

There are notes on this partially successful, unfinished job here:Talk:Sugar Creation Kit/sck/Advanced Topics

while much less successful launch command:

~$: sweets  sdk/sugar:run

Produces all the symptoms mentioned in first instance, only worse.