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==About Me==
==About Me==
* [http://foss.rit.edu/ FOSS@RIT]
===File Share===
===File Share===

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Jlew - Talk

About Me



File Share

I worked as a part of RIT's School Server team. While working on the school server I started to build a File Distribution System as a prototype. This prototype was a simple php upload script. It allowed files to be uploaded and shared. After working on the prototype I decided to build a File Share Activity that would allow files to be shared between the xo's over the mesh network. Once the file share activity was successfully sharing files between xo's I started working on a new File Share Server prototype because I found that my file distro server was too buggy to simply integrate with the xo activity. This server is a simple python script that allows file uploads.

Fortune Hunter

  • I am a member of the Fortune Hunter team at RIT.
    • Currently the lead developer of the new game engine and in the process of porting the prototype game code to this new engine
    • Developed and coded the Fortune Maker activity that provides a simple gui to build dungeons for Fortune Hunter.

Open Video Chat

Lead Developer for the Open Video Chat Activity

Useful Pages


Jlew UserProfile.jpg
Personal Information
Name: Justin Lewis
Webpage: http://jlewopensource.com
School: Rochester Institute of Technology
Graduation: 2011
Major: Computer Science
RIT-Email: jtl1728@rit.edu
IRC Handle: Jlew on irc.freenode.net