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Me: Just a shmoe who's occasionally invested in this thang.

By day, I am a programmer for the Gallaudet Research Institute at Gallaudet University. By night (and weekends) I don my costume--which looks remarkably like the jeans and T-shirts I wear to work every day--and do battle with the forces of proprietary closed-source software as the nominal and often semi-reluctant "team contact" for the Ubuntu DC LoCo in Washington, DC. I am also one of three hosts for the monthly meetings of the soon-to-be-renamed "OLPC Learning Club DC". In fact, the core group is meeting tonight (2009-03-20) to discuss becoming a SugarLabs Local Lab.

Note: Should you happen to wander into this page, I am trying to establish connections between cow-orkers who have a vested interest in develoment of deaf communities overseas, and affordable, open-source technologies. My colleagues are more the deaf education / foreign languages / social work sorts, and claim ignorance of technology but want a tech component to their work. Right now, I'm trying to connect the Buea School for the Deaf in Cameroon with both [Africa] and ...