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Me: Just a shmoe who's occasionally invested in this thang.

By day, I am a programmer for the Gallaudet Research Institute at Gallaudet University. By night (and weekends) I don my costume--which looks remarkably like the jeans and T-shirts I wear to work every day--and do battle with the forces of proprietary closed-source software as the nominal and often semi-reluctant "team contact" for the Ubuntu DC LoCo in Washington, DC. I am also one of three hosts for the monthly meetings of the soon-to-be-renamed "OLPC Learning Club DC". In fact, the core group is meeting tonight (2009-03-20) to discuss becoming a SugarLabs Local Lab.

Note: Should you happen to wander into this page, I am trying to establish connections between cow-orkers who have a vested interest in develoment of deaf communities overseas, and affordable, open-source technologies. My colleagues are more the deaf education / foreign languages / social work sorts, and claim ignorance of technology but want a tech component to their work. Right now, I'm trying to connect the Buea School for the Deaf in Cameroun with both OLPCorps Africa and ...

the local Linux community in nearby Limbe, Cameroun.