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As of early 2007, Earth Treasury has a mailing list and yahoo group.


The end of poverty through communication and sustainable commerce


Fill in gaps in the OLPC mission, including

  • Electricity for even the poorest and most remote villages
  • Broadband Internet
  • Microfinance
  • Creating textbooks
  • Free computers running Sugar, two per child, where OLPC XOs are not available (One at school, one at home)
  • Link schools around the world
  • Teaching children to do business together.
  • Teaching the genuine free market, not the nonsense in which corporations get to go freely into any country, but people don't
  • Demonstrating the XO to anybody who should get involved with OLPC and Sugar Labs
  • Going viral
  • Telling everyone how they can participate. We have 101 Things To Do.

Who we are

  • Edward Mokurai Cherlin, Founder, Earth Treasury
  • Mark Roest, OneVillage Foundation
  • David Alan Foster, DesignFluence


What we need, where you can sign up.

What is not in the OLPC mission?

OLPC has decided to focus its attention on the education mission, including Constructionism, and on creating and delivering the laptop hardware and software to support that mission. This includes some parts of rethinking textbooks, and possibly curriculum development. Other issues are out of scope, and are being left to governments and to other organizations to address.

Earth Treasury has decided to tackle all of the remaining issues, either in its own programs, starting with connecting schools and teaching business, or by partnering with others.

There are also issues nominally in scope that OLPC management has neglected. This includes

  • Teacher training
  • Organizing Localization projects in a timely manner whenever a country or language group becomes a likely target for deployment
  • Evaluation of laptop education programs, and comparisons between different laptops and software ("bake-offs")
  • Publishing research results

Further thoughts on these and other topics will appear in Earth Treasury pages in my namespace on this Wiki.


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