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Then we need a separate organization to deploy the solutions.
Then we need a separate organization to deploy the solutions.
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There are many topics where further research is needed in order to carry out the Sugar mission to the fullest. In education, we need work in every subject and discipline to determine how it can be taught in an age-appropriate and intellectually honest manner to children at every stage of development, and how best to prepare teachers do deliver them. We need published research reports on what works in Constructionist education and in XO/Sugar projects in particular. In addition to these very general topics, we need specifics on infrastructure for the laptops, empowering villagers to build a society and an economy, and the requirements for meeting and exceeding each of the Millennium Development Goals.

  • Renewable electric power generation for the poorest and most remote villages
  • Internet connections for the poorest and most remote villages
  • Redesigning textbooks to make use of the available computing power and software
  • Teaching children and others how to record and preserve their cultural heritages
  • Sustainable agriculture improvements to restore land, manage water and other resources, and get farmers out of the vicious cycle of subsistence
  • Microfinance to place such equipment and support other new enterprises enabled by education, access to information, and e-commerce
  • Legal issues relating to Internet, publication, Intellectual Property, terms of trade, and much more
  • Providing public information on the state of crime and corruption in target countries
  • Health issues
  • Nutrition
  • Clean water

To do this, we will need to engage the best research minds and resources available, in a combination of formal research organizations, especially universities and government laboratories, with the NGOs that have established the best practices on the ground.

Someday we may be able to declare the struggle against poverty over. We will never be able to say that we understand all of education.

Then we need a separate organization to deploy the solutions.