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Please see my homepage for contact information. You can also send me emails to my account (silbe@). On FreeNode and OFTC my IRC nick is silbe.

CET (UTC+1) / CEST (UTC+2)

Medium to long term Sugar plans

The goals

  • Make it hard to loose work accidentally
  • Make it safe to run potentially untrusted or buggy code
  • Make Sugar easier and better to customise by users so they "feel at home" and work more efficiently
  • Attract developers
  • Increase interoperability with non-Sugar systems and parts thereof
  • Accessibility
  • real Single Sign On

The means

  • Modularise Sugar core so users / developers can mix-and-match
    • split the "zoom levels" into separate modules
      • on low memory systems (XO-1) a single executable handles all zoom levels by default
      • on all other systems there are separate executables
      • replacing a single (or multiple) zoom level(s) with alternative implementations possible
      • bugs in one zoom level don't affect the others
    • split out the Journal
      • let user "bless" an activity to provide the special services (switch to details view)
    • split out the Frame
    • -> .desktop, activity and non-activity .desktop launcher on home screen
  • Replace copy of gnome-session with config files for and dependency on latest gnome-session (add link to Gnome bugzilla ticket)
  • Version support
    • eventually integrated with in-activity Undo/Redo
  • Rainbow
    • run each activity / application in a separate session, identifiable and killable from the Frame
  • gpg-agent and/or gnome-keyring
    • in-Frame pinentry, highlighting the activity (isolated session) that requested the operation