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Hello there, I am Vipul Gupta working with Sugar Labs's Global Outreach Team with Samson Goddy.

According to my portfolio, I am "An observant of the present, a student seeking experiences, leading to new learning opportunities, presenting a chance to explore and give back to the community. Programmer, capturing thoughts in my blog, a Linux enthusiast and in the habit of collecting comic strips.' In some ways that is the truth, but if you like to know me more. You can always refer to Mixster, my personal blog and a freelance technical documentation venture that I started, we are currently a team of 4. Writing for startups and organization.

High on Open-Source, Python, and Automation. Available all over the web by @vipulgupta2048.

Email - 

Ps. I love coffee and never met a pizza I didn't like. Toodles