Home view

The Home view is accessed by clicking on the Home icon on the Frame or by pressing the F3 key (OLPC-XO-1-specific hint).
The Home view is used for launching activities and accessing the Journal.
1. Search menu
The search field can be used to find activities and documents.
2. View modes
There are multiple versions of the Home view: a ring, a list, and a random view.
3. Activity icon
Clicking on an activity icon will launch that activity (causing it to appear on the Frame). Only activities that have been "starred" will appear in this view. (Please see the #List view below for more details.)
4. XO icon
Hovering over the XO in the center of the Home view brings up a menu and access to the Sugar control panel.
5. Active-activity icon
The icon of the currently active activity appears under the XO icon.

List view

The list view is used for managing activities.
1. Activity entry
Each entry in the list has: a star (for marking those activities that will appear in the other Home views); an icon; a title; a version number; and an install date.
2. Scroll bar
The activity list may extend beyond the screen. A scroll bar is used to move through the list.

Freeform view

The “freeform” Home view (shown as a mock-up) functions the same as the “ring” Home view, but the icons are arrayed randomly instead of in a circle.

XO menu

The hover menu that appears over the XO icon is used for accessing the Sugar control panel and to shutdown or restart the computer.

Sugar control panel

The control panel is used to set a variety of Sugar settings, including the default Jabber server, the XO icon colors, etc.