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Neighborhood view

The Neighborhood view is accessed by clicking on the Neighborhood icon on the Frame or by pressing the F1 key (OLPC-XO-1-specific hint).
The Neighborhood view is used for connecting to the Internet and collaborating with others.
1. Search menu
The search field can be used to find people, activities, or access points.
2. Shared activities
Activities that are being shared appear as icons in the Neighborhood view. By clicking on the icon, you can join the activity.
3. XO icon
Other Sugar users appear in the Neighborhood view. By hovering over an XO icon, you can discover the nickname of that person and can invite them to be a friend or join you in a collaboration.
4. Mesh portal
A mesh portal is used to connect to a school server or other computers on a mesh (802.11s) network.
5. Access point
WiFi hotspots (Internet access points) are displayed as circles in the Neighborhood view. If you hover over a circle, the name of the access point (ESSID) is displayed. You connect to a hotspot clicking once in the circle; the interior of the circle will blink while it is trying to connect. Once you are connected, the outside of the circle will turn white. You may be prompted to enter a key, if it is required by your access point. To disconnect, simply choose that option from the menu when you hover over the circle.