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=Wesley Dillingham=
=Wesley Dillingham=
==Personal Info==
'''Major:''' Networking Systems Administration
Name: Wesley Dillingham<br>
Email: WWDillingham@gmail.com<br>
Phone: 904.386.1858<br>
==School Info==
'''Graduation Year:''' 2010
Major: Information Technology <br>
Concentration: Networking and System Administration<br>
Year: 5<br>
==Contact Information==
:IRC: [irc://irc.freenode.com/#fedora-olpc #fedora-olpc] '''WWDillingham'''
:<nowiki>E-mail:</nowiki>'''[mailto:wwdillingham@sugarabs.org WWDillingham@SugarLabs.org]'''
==Development Interest==
==Development Interest==
*Multiplication Minute
*[[Teacher_Reporting |Teacher Reporting Application]]
**Time trials for multiplication
**Possible Integration with http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Kuku
*Track students progress
**Automatically identify students strengths / weaknesses
**Report detailed Information on students progress to instructor.
==Curriculum Standards==
==Public ssh key==
<pre>ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABIwAAAQEA2Yzvl1C5/qFo26e0cFf406EMNJvpnmg5PHMvxdyUOXY76WOOplmAOI3ErVQE6DesE8rXwtDT8bIWw43Pd3G3WjMzLjwaYAerZs+0lEBJWWO4pkzsMVH+KyZv/oucTr1+epgosX5Wh+aOgQrGN4/2MiGG/iS0/JX5VLIPlDFpEgjTPDP7zS0QU3iarLsnjKRAKOv0QbTEoUaR0Vf1eb/Y3bwn1EV/yTd/fw2cCrgV0neMN0DnyBn2UvE6cdYuNhPQmZP7104H/6IH7uzW9KQqwvX7RSbTCp+RwBo/YvIpg4xzmqKWlAIgh5EhQdcnDOaCxI7fISG1/KWCGDk/Alxgvw==
**Recognize classes (in particular, odds, evens; factors or multiples of a given number; and squares) to which a number may belong, and identify the numbers in those classes. Use these in the solution of problems.
**Know multiplication facts through 12 x 12 and related division facts. Use these facts to solve related multiplication problems and compute related problems, e.g., 3 x 5 is related to 30 x 50, 300 x 5, and 30 x 500.
**Demonstrate in the classroom an understanding of and the ability to use the conventional algorithms for addition and subtraction (up to five-digit numbers), and multiplication (up to three digits by two digits).

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Wesley Dillingham

Major: Networking Systems Administration

Graduation Year: 2010


Contact Information

IRC: #fedora-olpc WWDillingham

Development Interest

Public ssh key

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABIwAAAQEA2Yzvl1C5/qFo26e0cFf406EMNJvpnmg5PHMvxdyUOXY76WOOplmAOI3ErVQE6DesE8rXwtDT8bIWw43Pd3G3WjMzLjwaYAerZs+0lEBJWWO4pkzsMVH+KyZv/oucTr1+epgosX5Wh+aOgQrGN4/2MiGG/iS0/JX5VLIPlDFpEgjTPDP7zS0QU3iarLsnjKRAKOv0QbTEoUaR0Vf1eb/Y3bwn1EV/yTd/fw2cCrgV0neMN0DnyBn2UvE6cdYuNhPQmZP7104H/6IH7uzW9KQqwvX7RSbTCp+RwBo/YvIpg4xzmqKWlAIgh5EhQdcnDOaCxI7fISG1/KWCGDk/Alxgvw==