Wesley Dillingham

Contact Information

IRC: #fedora-olpc WWD

Education Information

Major: Information Technology
Concentration: Networking and System Administration
Year: 5

Development Interest

  • Multiplication Minute
  • Track students progress
    • Automatically identify students strengths / weaknesses
    • Report detailed Information on students progress to instructor.

Curriculum Standards

  • 4.N.7
    • Recognize classes (in particular, odds, evens; factors or multiples of a given number; and squares) to which a number may belong, and identify the numbers in those classes. Use these in the solution of problems.
  • 4.N.11
    • Know multiplication facts through 12 x 12 and related division facts. Use these facts to solve related multiplication problems and compute related problems, e.g., 3 x 5 is related to 30 x 50, 300 x 5, and 30 x 500.
  • 4.N.14
    • Demonstrate in the classroom an understanding of and the ability to use the conventional algorithms for addition and subtraction (up to five-digit numbers), and multiplication (up to three digits by two digits).