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Revision as of 20:46, 19 February 2009 by DAVID (talk | contribs) (The Whole OLPC Site and its categories needs to be simplified)
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-Please add suggestions for my todo list- (dfarning 04:03, 16 June 2008 (UTC))

The OLPC documentation is extremely convoluted, as it the rest of the OLPC site and links. My main interest would be in writing 'what you see and what you do' instructions for applications.

I cannot find any clear cut beginning or end points. Right now i am in a page under the general category of Sugar Labs.

It is very possible, even though i just created an account (not clear just what i created an account for), that this suggestion will not be accepted.

Also i notice that the date of the above reqest is 8 months in the past.

Is it possible that the OLPC site (in general) is so complicated that only insiders are able to maneuver through it?

As a final note, wouldn't "post" or "send" be a more appropriate button than "save"?

For reference the date/time of entry in Arizona is 02/19/08

Regards: DAVID