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Just a couple of suggestions. Make it a Makefile target and use a better theme like sphinxdoc :) --dnarvaez

Tool to be used

  • Sphinx
  • epydoc
  • Doxigen
  • <add your tool here>

Sugarlabs already has a sphinx instance, although it is a bit out of date:

It also has a epydoc instance: (a.k.a

I previously kept a Doxygen parsing of the Sugar toolkit, largely because I know how to make nice dependancy graphs with Doxygen. This currently is not hosted anywhere.

In general each documentation tool I have used has a slightly different style for comments to state things like '@param input_item Describes this input" and "@returns A XYZ object if successful; null on failure". So you should decide on the tool to use that can do everything you want before you formally go annotating the code base.


  • Taken from the sugar-devel mailing list
My quick and dirty solution for browsable docs are to just hop into the terminal on an XO and type
pydoc -p 8080 and then point Browse to localhost:8080. Now that we have moved to webkit I'm really
tempted to wrap this up as a little webkit activity to get to the dev docs with no geeking around ;)