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I am retired and have been following the OLPC and SUGAR projects since the original G1G1 program. I am an amateur volunteer. I have a MA in Geology from Franklin & Marshall College and a MS in Geological Oceanography (Paleomagnetism of Marine Sediments)

I lived in Hawaii for 35 years. moving to Bend Oregon in the last few, as I retired. (I am 67)

I enjoy Cabinetmaking especially building classic chairs and furniture with real joinery. Some of these I have built, progressing from cutting, drying and re-sawing the lumber prior to making the pieces.

I enjoy skiing(Telemark,Alpine,X-country); Mountain and Road Biking, Kayaking, fencing, and do a lot of it here in Bend.

I am not a programmer,

I play with different ways to teach and/or instruct students. I did some writing of "Programmed Instruction" booklets while drafted into the Army. I was by chance, located at the Army Engineer School in Ft. Belvoir, Va. in the late 1960's. I ended up as a senior Instructor there teaching Advanced Officer Training Courses in Geology and Quarrying for thousands of hours. I also re-wrote the Training Manual on this subject.

I also set up the Computers at The Coquille Valley Museum, Coquille, Oregon, using Past Perfect Museum Software. There I maintained the computers and Scanned many historic photographs, and took digital pictures of Old tools and cataloged them into the Program. My recent work includes building Sugar on a Stick on USB and SD and using VM Workstation and VM Player as an alternate way of running SUGAR. Lately I have been testing builds of opensuse-edu, Ubuntu Remix, Trisquel. and Fedora Sugar Varieties using VMWorkstation, Virtualbox. and dd writing schemes. see: [1] [2]

There are a number of vmx,(VMPlayer);vdi.(Virtualbox)and USB.img files ready to download at Take a look.

Each file has an accompanying .txt file explaining how they were built, their use and installation.

inter and intra-wiki linking

See Wiki_Team/Guide/Interwiki_Linking

for interwiki linking shortcuts, which are mainly a convenience for editing.

The intrawiki editing format is more significant for links within because it enables the 'What links here' feature that is helpful in maintaining the wiki and finding what other pages make reference to the current page. (The 'What links here' link is first in the left sidebar under the 'Using the Wiki' group.) --FGrose (talk) 12:48, 5 November 2018 (EST)