Using Moodle as an Activity Host

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Moodle Linking to Sugar Activities

       make it easy for students to upload work straight to Moodle servers
           with and w/o logins?
       reproduce enthusiasm found on Scratch for programming with etoys. turtle art, writing etc
           students I've worked with want
               lots of feedback from peers
               to share their work with peers
               to work on projects with friends
                   later they'll figure out their friends may not be the best people to work with
                   but best to figure that out EARLY
               sharing to be easy
               control over who can edit
               blame trees to see who messed up a part of a larger group project
                   grp projects should have no more than 3 people
               to have fun
                   building games is fun
                   writing is not fun unless it's Alice like then it becomes a game again
               to be as lazy as possilbe most of the time
               to feel they are smart
               SHOW they are smart
                   nothing in Sugar really makes that easy yet
       activity uploads
           etoys etc
               encourage students to tell stories using speak
               encourage creation of FAQs
           Turtle Art
               nice for mind mapping but it's clumsy
   where to begin
           why python?
               Nubae knows it
           hello world
           nubae's pyclic?
               need to know how to get pyclic into a Sugar install...
               it's not in Sugar activities
               it's here
                   can we get pyclic into Pippy as well?
                       nice to get that into Pippy examples
               tie the Pyclic data straight into the Moodle DB and tie THAT data into the Moodle Quiz management interface
           start here with a basic test prompt interface
               sample UI though far from perfect
           question builder
   New activity
       quiz builder and admin
               students write and answer questions
                   teacher or expert volunteers act as editors and gate keepers
                   put the onus of thinking on students!
           flow description
           student writes X number of questions as determined by teacher
               Question types
                   multiple choice =MC
                   short answer= SA
                   true/false= T/F
           submits questions via Python or other UI to moodle db
           student is now qualified to take test
           while taking test student can 
               see if question was student created or teacher created
                   this will increase interest in the question and who is the student
               can suggest better answer
               can suggest a better question
           student scores for FITB/ SA/ MC/ Cloze can be returned immediately
           short answer and essay questions can go back to teacher or back to community for further evaluation
               use volunteers to help teacher grade
       XO users
       non XO users
   viewing of materials
       only logged in to moodle server
       child security etc
           can we pull the machine specs XO or otherswise
           version of Sugar?
       user ID
           encourage firstname, last initial and maybe weight
           should tell us country and city... 
           maybe that could be the intial log in UserID? last 3 digits of IP?
           school name
           teacher name
           class name
       nice to have something like this
           media wiki supports freemind mindmap files
           a tool that would allow lots of users to see and build upon other ideas in real time
           gobby like but with a diagramming UI
               connect the dots
               explode certain ideas
                   derive new documents from base document
               annotations are date stamped and contain User ID

--Dennis Daniels 20:20, 5 September 2009 (UTC)