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2016-04-05 The following is a DRAFT, that will be presented to the Sugar Labs Oversight Board at a regularly scheduled monthly meeting as a motion to approve it for the year. Your edits are welcome!

Sugar is high quality software for children to learn with, especially younger children.

Sugar itself is a framework for programs called "Sugar Activities," which encourage learning through self-discovery. Collaboration, expression, and reflection are integrated into each Activity.

Every Activity respects every user's freedom to run, study, modify and redistribute it, governed by software licenses compatible with the GNU General Public License.

Our ultimate goal is for Sugar to be accessible to every child and every teacher in every school, all around the world, and for Sugar Labs to be a facilitator for knowledge exchange across all continents, especially knowledge that relates the software freedom movement to learning.

We grow our community to include users and contributors in all countries, in all languages, and in all cultures.

We develop our software to run on every computer device, from desktops and laptops to tablets and smartphones.

Sugar began in 2005 as part of the One Laptop Per Child project. Today it is vigorously developed by Sugar Labs, a volunteer-driven and non-profit organization.

Join us.

Our 2016 goals include

  • successfully completing 6 GSOC projects
  • fully staffing all boards, offices and committees
  • making TARGET_AMOUNT releases of Sugar
  • porting TARGET_AMOUNT Activities to Sugarizer, a web-based version of Sugar
  • Providing a step by step guide on the homepage website to setting up a 2016 vintage deployment device - one that can be purchased in quantities of 30+ for under $100 each - that covers where to buy them, how install Sugar on all of them at the time of deployment
  • consolidating all active development to Github
  • cleaning up all sugar labs websites, starting with the wiki and issue tracker
  • liberate the "Learning To Change The World" text
  • offering batches of XO-4s at volumes of 20+ with 1+ school server units, so any classroom anywhere can become a Local Lab with almost "1 click" like convenience if they have $X to put down
  • your goal here!