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WebQuest Server and Activity for SUGAR


The web gives us a lot of information, day by day the quantity of sites, blogs and others sources of information are increased exponentially. To use the internet as a useful font to create and upgrade the knowledge, we must create tools to guide and share the navigation experience among the learners.

Thinking this way, the WebQuest is a wonderful and powerful concept to guide and improve the web information extraction and knowledge creation.



  • A server interface for teachers create, get, edit, publish and evaluate WebQuests.
  • One constructivist activity for children get and solve WebQuests in a cooperative way.
  • Improvements to the web browser adding some cooperative functions.

Technology Choice

  • Python
  • Gtk
  • Drupal
  • PHP
  • Mysql
  • Lighttpd

System Diagrams


Useful Links

Status Update

  • [DONE] Get and study bibliography about constructivism.
  • [DONE] Get and study bibliography about WebQuests.
  • [DONE] Describe and write about the computer's usage issues in a classroom. .
  • [DONE] Write and describe WebQuests and constructivism as a solution of the "problem".
  • [IN PROGRESS] Read and write about the Hardware and Software solution(Sugar/XO).
  • [IN PROGRESS] Describe the architecture of WebQuest software for Sugar/XO.
  • [IN PROGRESS] Develop the server application.
  • [IN PROGRESS] Develop the activity.
  • [?] Add cooperative improvements to the browser.
  • [?] Develop a Firefox Extension to use the WebQUests in other systens.

Contact Me

My name is Rodrigo Padula. Please feel free to add your valuable comments, criticism and ideas in the discussion page and contact me at:

  • E-mail: rodrigopadula AT projetofedora DOT org.
  • Jabber/Gtalk: rodrigopadula AT gmail DOT com