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It is straightforward to include citations to references in articles contained in this wiki. We have added the "Cite" extension for this. <-- OR MAYBE NOT YET, BUT WE SHOULD --> Here is how it works:

Basic Idea

Wherever you want to cite a source, use the <ref> ... </ref> tags to enclose a reference to that source, as in this example:

 <ref>Steven Weinberg, ''Towards the Final Laws of Physics'', (1987, Cambridge Unversity Press)</ref>  

This will insert a numbered reference link at this point, and save the reference text for the list of references.

Then to display the accumulated list of references at the bottom of the article (or wherever you want it), simlply insert the tag


Multiple citations of the same source

You can easily cite the same source several times by giving the reference a "name". When you enter the reference material include a "name=..." parameter, like so:

  <ref name="Feynman">Richard P. Feynman, ''The Reason for Antiparticles'' (1987, Cambridge University Press)</ref> 

Then later if you wish to cite this source again, simply say

 <ref name="Feynman"/>

to insert a numbered link to the previously entered reference of that name. (Don't forget that trailing slash in the tag.)

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