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You can easily find whatever you might be looking for using the search box in the sidebar at the left of every page.

There are two search buttons, labeled Go and Search, and they give you slightly different results.

Go Button

When you use the Go button you will be taken directly to an article of the name you entered in the search box.

The Go button is case-sensitive.

If an article of that name does not exist, you will be given a link which lets you create it. and you will automatically get a search for that text, as if you had pressed the Search button.

Search Button

Pressing the Search button will search through the wiki in two different ways. It's not like Google!.

  1. First you get a listing of matches to article titles.
  2. Then you get a listing of matches to text in the body of articles.

The Search button is case-insensitive


  • The Search button will always give you a search.
  • The Go button gives you a search only if an article of that exact name does not exist, and in that case you'll also get a link which lets you create the article.
  • If you press the Return key on your keyboard it's the same as pressing the Go button with the mouse, not the Search button.

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