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The user links at the top right side of every page give you control of your preferences, let you review your contributions, or see what pages you are watching. There are also links to your own talk and user pages.

  • The my contributions link takes you to a list of all the pages you have edited or created.
  • The my watchlist link shows the status of all the pages you are watching. Use the watch tab at the top of any page to add it to the watch list. You will then receive an e-mail whenever that page changes.
  • The my preferences link lets you adjust your viewing and editing preferences.
  • The my talk link takes you to your own "talk" page. Think of it as the white board outside your office door where people can leave you messages, or you can leave a response.
  • The link with your name on it takes you to your "User" page, where you can put a little something about yourself for the benefit of the other users. It will help them know more about who you are.

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