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Finding answers to help

For general help with Sugar, please see

Sugar help, and Getting started

Sugar Labs FAQ, for a compilation of the team FAQs

Category:FAQ - an index to all FAQ pages (with links for new questions)

Category:Help, for pages tagged as 'Help'

Category:HowTo, for pages tagged as 'HowTo'

Community Forums - on-line forums with lots of topics

If you can't find your answer, please request one or supply one!

New Help Requests & Answers

OLPC Project Help and Information

For general help and information about the OLPC Project, please see these links at their wiki:

Official OLPC FAQ, OLPC:Support FAQ, for questions about the XO laptop and its use, OLPC:Support, for more support mechanisms, OLPC::Category:OLPC FAQ, and Ask OLPC a Question (in roughly that order).

Help on Using (building) the Sugar Labs wiki

Sugar Labs Wiki Guide

The Sugar Labs wiki is a standard installation of Media Wiki software for collaborative website building.

See the Sugar Labs page for an overview of the organization and wiki structure for how this wiki models the organization.






Guide pages


Administrative privs are generally granted based on a need to use them to do "something good" for the wiki. At present, this is accomplished in a fairly informal manner, leaving a message on the discussion page or contacting one or more bureaucrats via wiki-mail would be a good place to start.

Further Reading

The best way to get involved in the wiki team is to monitor new content as it is added through the Recent Changes link in the Sugar Labs menu. Check to see:

  • Is the new information correct?
  • Is the new information in the correct place?
  • Should the new information be merged with an existing page?

Wiki Infrastructure

  • add svg upload support
  • Wiki-barnraising, harmonization of familiar and useful templates, plug-ins, extensions (e.g. traclink,etc.) from OLPC wiki.
  • InterWiki Map, at least to OLPC Wiki. Laptop: -->$1
  • It would be good to get some countervandalism software (bot) running. User:Cjl has done some analysis of the vandalism (and countervandalism) actions on wiki.l.o and is interested in coordinating an effort that would cover both wikis with some automated countervandalism tools

Synchronize plug ins and templates

  • Trac related
  • Iframe
  • Semantic MediaWiki

Other Community Wikis

Example of how other communities are using their Wikis.