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Getting Organized

Much of our work is getting the wiki organized. We look through [Special:Allpages] to ensure that content is in the correct place


Wiki Infrastructure

  • add svg upload support
  • Wiki-barnraising, harmonization of familiar and useful templates, plug-ins, extensions (e.g. traclink,etc.) from OLPC wiki.
  • InterWiki Map, at least to OLPC Wiki. Laptop: -->$1
  • It would be good to get some countervandalism software (bot) running. User:Cjl has done some analysis of the vandalism (and countervandalism) actions on wiki.l.o and is interested in coordinating an effort that would cover both wikis with some automated countervandalism tools

Pages Needing Love

Here is a list of pages which are incomplete or even contain just a discussion. We need to improve them as soon as possible to get more people involved by increasing the transparency of our infrastructure, code and processes.

See the Community TODO list for more thing that need doing.