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Active Tasks

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Requested Tasks

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Ongoing Tasks

People are needed mostly for writing and editing, but there are many other ways of making a useful contribution. For example, simply pointing out errors (such as typos, grammar and spelling, and technical errors) is an extremely useful way to help.

  • Fix spelling and formatting errors
  • Simplify the structure of long pages
  • Organize untidy pages so that they are easy to read
  • Fix broken links
  • Add new documentation to the wiki
  • Add category tags where appropriate

Before you start contributing to the wiki, you should read the Wiki Guide for information on how to edit pages correctly. See the **Wiki Cleanup** page for tips on cleaning-up wiki pages.


The pages listed on Category:Cleanup are in need of a thorough cleanup.

These pages either:

  • Do not follow the standards of documentation,
  • Contain incorrect or out-of-date information, or
  • Are formatted incorrectly.

Feel free to dive in. Tidy up a page and remove the Cleanup **tag**!

If you find a page that needs to be cleaned up, DO NOT add it here. Follow the instructions as laid out on the Tag page.


Much of our work is getting the wiki organized. We look through Special:Allpages to ensure that content is in the correct place


Coordination between and

Move content between w.s.o and w.l.o so that it lands in the most appropriate place.


Want to contribute your knowledge?

As an open source Wiki, we have a wide range of individuals working to help expand our resource, and we want your help.

Check out the list of articles with the Needs Expansion tag for articles that are formatted correctly, but simply need to be expanded to cover the full topic.

See the Community TODO list for more things that need doing.

Completed Tasks

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