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Sugar on Windows

No one has ported Sugar to Windows (that we know of) but you can run Sugar on Linux in an emulator on top of a Windows System.

Note: Alternatively, you can boot your Windows machine with a Sugar LiveCD or LiveUSB—this will enable you to run Sugar without making any modifications to your Windows machine. See Supported_systems#Starch.)

Note: The Wine Activity lets you run many Windows applications from within Sugar.

A Sugar installer for Windows

Wade Brainerd wrote a simple Sugar installer for Windows:

It installs/uninstalls a working Sugar environment (based on Ton van Overbeek's QEMU—See below) with just a few clicks.

The installer was built using the open source installer creator NSIS ( The installer script can be found here: wininstall/.git

Note to build administrators: NSIS exists for Linux, so this process of creating Windows installers for Sugar could be automated.

Running Sugar in an emulator

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