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  • f22-xsce-live anaconda
Installation in f23 QEMU/kvm virtual machine manager 02/05/2016
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Series of screenshots of an anaconda graphic "custom" install
  • xsceinst entered in xterm (after su entered)


  • Language selection in graphical anaconda installer


  • Installation Destination (Choose Hard-Disk to install to)


  • I will configure partitioning (Custom Install)


  • Standard Partitions - Create automatically


  • Partitions Created (Note you can edit the sizes of these partitions
You can also add or delete partitions using the [+][-] buttons at the bottom left of the page


  • Formatting to do:


  • [Begin installation]


  • root password enetered 2 x


  • Installation finished


  • Use poweroff to quit and then reboot