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Some introductory words what the activity is like. Any special things you like to mention that happened during the release cycle etc

What is new for users

What are the user visible changes. New short cuts. Features. Nice to back this up with images.

What is new for developers

What might be interesting to know for a developer contributing to the component. Add 'No News' if there is nothing of interest.

Internationalization (i18n) and Localization (l10n)

Will be generated by the translation team


Note here if some compatibility to an older version (e.g. 0.84) broke

Detailed changes


  • fix 'error return without exception set' on ARM (#1404)
  • eliminate incorrect warning about unknown search terms (#1363)
  • Fix AUTHORS file
  • Add AM_MAINTAINER_MODE macro to configure.ac


  • use basename for uploaded files by default in copy-to-journal script #1372
  • follow common naming scheme, LICENSE.GPL and README.txt files were renamed to COPYING and README
  • added AUTHORS and NEWS new files.


  • Memory leaks after many get_properties() ds calls #1240


  • carquinol.datastore: need to import dbus.service #772


  • PEP8 compliance fixes #1108
  • Rebuild index when an inconsistency between the index and the metadata is detected
  • Implement sorting by timestamp and title
  • Return a consistent entry count when some entries are missing (dsd)
  • Don't include in find() results entries without metadata
  • Remove title option (copy-from-journal) #896
  • Only one dot for the filename if we specify an extension (copy-from-journal)


Name the contributors here