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Fraction Bounce Activity

FractionBounce is a game that prompts the player to nudge a bouncing ball to land at a point on the bottom of the screen that is an estimate of a given fraction. E.g., if 2/3 is displayed on the ball, then the ball must land 2/3 the distance along the bottom.

FractionBounce.png FractionBounce2.png

How to play Fraction Bounce

  1. Click on the ball to begin.
  2. Use the arrow keys (or the letters h and l) to move the ball left or right during its trajectory; any other key will cause the ball to drop straight down.

If you have an XO 1.75 or XO 4.0 laptop, you can use the accelerometer to move the ball left and right.

Multi-player game

If your share Fraction Bounce, you can play with up to three other people. Players take turns choosing the fraction to play by clicking on the bar at the bottom of the screen, e.g., if you click halfway across the bar, the fraction 1/2 will be sent to all of the players.


  • Every time you get a correct answer, a smiley face is added to the background image.
  • The delay between games decreases the longer you play.
  • The complexity of the fractions increases the longer you play.
  • Once you get 100 correct answers, the bar at the bottom of the screen becomes solid.
  • You can choose between fractions and percentages.
  • You can add custom fractions.



  • The 1/2 button is used to specify fractions; the crescent button is used to specify a sector; the % button is used to specify percentages
  • The custom toolbar is used to enter the numerator and denominator of additional fractions. Type in a fraction (numerator and denominator) and then hit the + button. It will be added to the list of fractions that is used to generate challenges. Note: Fractions must be between 0 and 1.
  • The ball can be customized. Choose from either a basketball, a soccer ball, a rugby ball, a bowling ball, a beach ball, a feather, or an image from the Journal.
  • The background image can be customized as well. Choose from either grass, wood, sand, clouds, or an image from the Journal.

Basketball.svg Soccerball.svg Rugbyball.svg Beachball.svg Feather2.svg Custom-ball.png

Where to get Fraction Bounce

The FractonBouce activity is available for download from the Sugar Activity Library: Fraction Bounce (Version 22, which has not yet been released, is available at [1].)

The source code is available on GitHub.

Where to report problems

You can report bugs and make feature requests on our bug-tracking system (You need to create an account first). To list all open tickets of FractionBounce you can use query component=FractionBounce. You are also welcome to leave comments/suggestions on the Talk:Activities/Fraction Bounce page.


FractionBounce was written by Walter Bender with input from Paulina Clares, and Chris Rowe. Ignacio Rodriguez ported it to Gtk-3. Paul Cotton and Dan Marshall contributed artwork to Version 22.