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Enable users and developers to use Sugar and Sugar Labs services regardless of their native tongue.

Welcome to the Translation Team

Welcome to the Sugar Labs Translation, Localization and Internationalization Team.

The goal of the Sugar Labs translation team is to make Sugar available in as many languages as possible at the highest quality.

We work on a number of translation related projects

  • Localizing the Sugar Learning Platform
  • Localizing Sugar Activities
  • Translating the Sugar Documentation (e.g. FLOSSManuals)
  • Translating the Sugar Labs wiki. See Translation Team/Wiki Translation.
  • Other translation and localization needs of Sugar Labs

General information

The Sugar learning platform and Sugar Activities are localized at .

For a quick primer, is highly recommended.

También se encuentra disponible un Manual de Traducción a Lenguas Nativas en Español.

The Sugar Documentation is written in partnership with FLOSS Manual at . Translation of that documentation uses FLOSS Manual tools.

Language Teams

While Sugar translations are open to everyone to contribute, Sugar Language teams act as quality assurance team. There is one language team appointed to each language. Language teams often work closely with Sugar Local Labs.

Below is a list of activities associated with localization teams:

  • Check and review the work of translators
  • Help new translators with feedback and guidance
  • Check the translation inclusion into pootle and report problems to developers.
  • Keep in touch with people from other translation projects (upstream project) and synchronize the translation work, assure same translations do not need to be made twice
  • Keep in touch with other Sugar Language teams and help establish new Sugar Language teams, exchange best practices with other teams

Resources for Translators

  • Any Sugar Labs wiki page can be viewed with Google's machine translation service by selecting a language from the wiki sidebar list under 'Google translations'. Translators can help improve that service when viewing a Google translated page by hovering over a sentence. An option to contribute a better translation is provided in the pop-up widget.

Package Maintainers

All UI translations for sugar packages are to be made available for translations using Pootle.

Please tag related bug using "i18n" or "l10n".


Please refer to Translation Team/i18n Best Practices for hints on how to prepare your code for internationalization.

Resources for maintainers