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Sugar Digest

1. Sugar Labs is going to apply again this year to be one of the organizations in the Google Code-in contest. As you may recall, Google Code-in is a global programming contest for youths 13-17. We have participated the past three years and it has been a very rewarding experience: we have brought many new contributors into Sugar Labs through the program and have had a lot of fun as well. The next few weeks will be critical to the application process. We need to build a collection of tasks for the contestants in five areas: Documentation/Training; Outreach/Research; User Interface; Quality Assurance; and coding. Please send me suggestions or add your ideas to Google Code In 2015. We also need mentors. If you are interested in participating, please contact me.

2. The Membership committee is launching a campaign to add new members and reaffirm the interest of current members. Expect to hear from them by the end of the month. We will also be soliciting candidates for the Sugar Labs Oversight Board (SLOB), with the election scheduled for December.

3. I've been following up on one of our Google Summer of Code projects, Music Blocks, by Yash Khandelwal under the mentorship of Devin Ulibarri. We have been really having fun and are close to releasing Version 1.0. Please help us with testing. You can run it from [1]. A programming guide is available at [2]. The source is at [3].

In the community

4. The Journal RED is available on line at [4]. This issue is chockful of "Sugary" articles.

Tech Talk

5. Aleksey Lim has an update to the Sugar Network project. After 18 months, there are approximately 300 unique daily users (in Peru). You can find more statistics at [5]. His plans going forward can be seen at Concepts, Try it, Deployment.

6. Please help Martin and the Developer Team test Sugar 106. Your feedback is important to us.

Sugar Labs

7. Please visit our planet.